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About Us


A world where people are adequately informed about women rights issues and women are not held back by harmful societal norms and perceptions.


To change societal views about the place and role of the female gender.


How HerStory Started

Her Story started as a heated conversation between three friends in Block D, Room 10 at Bowen University. This conversation and many more led to the belief that more people need to be included in the discussion. With our joint voices, we can effect gradual and eventual change in societal perception about women in our various communities.

Conversations play a major role in change making processes. Wars have been fought and peace treaties made from the outcomes of conversations. That’s how powerful conversations are!

At Her Story, we believe that we can have the change we seek in the world, as regards Gender Equality, by having one conversation at a time.

Meet the Team

Founder and Executive Director

Oreoluwa Ojo

Founder and Executive Director
Project Lead

Ibukun Busari

Project Lead
Creative Lead

Adekanye Ewaoluwa

Creative Lead

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